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Why? Why not?

Why not me? Why not now?

James Allen


Simple questions. Powerful answers. Don’t you think?

This is one of the technics that I use during the sessions. Applying simple questions usually allow our brain to look for simple, but powerful answers that discover us our way of thinking, our values, our vision of life.

This is the start point to work on a goal: something that you want to achieve, to change, to remove from your life, to get or you want to become true.

My role: supporting you during this process. As sport coaches do! Helping you in each step, ensuring that you are growing personally and/or professionally talking, crossing your own boundaries, overcoming obstacles, identifying your talents and using them to achieve your goal.

But, what kind of goals we are talking about?

There are many different types of goals:

  • Professional goals (i.e preparing job interviews, team leadership, managing conflicts, how to make effective presentations, Jobseeking 2.0 etc.)
  • Goals related to your personal life (i.e Couples, children care, habits, time management, stress management etc.)
  • Sport goals (i.e mental preparedness for high-performance, diets, managing frustration, managing win-lose balance etc.)
  • Goals related to artistic talent development and creative thinking to find innovative solutions


Methodologically speaking, I will provide you with different tools, exercises, dynamics and challenges depending on the type of session we are doing (presential or online), the goal that you are working on, the number of people involved in the process and the duration of the program.

Even if there are no previous tools for your goal, I will create and prepare everything you may need to work, train, test yourself and develop your area of interest.


In order to achieve any kind of goal, we need always to keep in mind the 3 main key aspects for an effective process:



Reflection         Action       Learning

Do you want to discover what you can do to start working on your goal and the most suitable methodology for you?

I strongly suggest you to complete the following test (aprox. 1-2 minutes):


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