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Confidentiality and  trust  are key values for all kind of services but specially, those services related to coaching, mentoring, training and positioning.

These services should be always provided by qualified staff, internationally certified and registered in entities that recognize and work for ensuring best psychological and coaching practice.

Demonstrating relevant professional experience, international experience and vision as well as possessing an excellent knowledge on talent development programs have been always for me a responsibility that every professional in these disciplines must take and transmit to our clients.


In this sense, you can find out my profile in the following official records:

Chartered Psychologist: Number M-25384

ICC International Certified Coach: ICCID: 7188


Quality, professionalism and commitment to work for you and your goals


I suscribe and live in each session, the following principles and Code of Ethics::


  • Code of Ethics – Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos . Click here
  • Standards and Ethics International Coaching Community (ICC). Click here
  • Code of Ethics  International Coaching Federation (ICF). Click here
  • AECOP-EMCC Spanish Executive Coaching and Mentoring Association / European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Click here


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