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Due to your availabilty, kind of goal that you want to work on and the dedication time that you want to invest in this process, I think that you are looking for a process that ensure excellent team perfomance results. 

When working with teams, I always do a first evaluation (free session) in order to prepare and present a taylor-made program that really answers to your needs. To do that, I will evaluate the following indicators:



  1. Phase in which the team is operating: recent team, stable team, virtual teams, coordination mechanisms etc.
  2. Number of team members and profiles
  3. Goal that you want to achieve and sector in which you are working.
  4. Training and previous experience of team members in the matter to work
  5. Available Facilities
  6. Chronogram, time availability of each team member who will be involved in the process.
  7. Budget

In several projects, Team Coaching sessions have been complemented with other services such as “One to One” for the teamleader, monographic workshops/training sessions for the team, outdoor activities (out of the work environement) to think “out the box” etc.

In order to prepare a good project for you and your team, you can contact me in order to arrange a visit.

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