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Pack Intensive “One to One” Virtual


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Pack 6 sessions “One to One” Virtual

Given your availability, the kind of goal that you want to work and the dedication time that you want to invest in this process, I think that you are looking for an intensive but flexible format to arrange the sessions and work on your goal during the next 3-4 months.


Total Price: 500€*

*Tax not included


I propose you the following program:

First session – Free: first contact, program presentation, situation/goals that you want to achieve/solve, appointments plan, contract signature with terms of agreement.

Session 1 to Session 5 where we will work your goal, the motivation, values, obstacles, perspectives, beliefs and resources to make an action plan. We will very focused on change!

This pack allows flexibility to organize and arrange the sessions along the time.. This pack has been created to work medium term goals with an estimated duration of 3-4 months.

If neccesary, we can always expand the number of session but, it is very important to define the lenght of the process. With a clear deadline, you will be very focused on your goal, achieved results, promoting changes or defining new challenges.


– Session 6, where we will make a global evaluation of the process, the changes and learning done, the achieved results and the next steps to keep this results along the time.


In this case, as you prefer the virtual mode, in our first session we will evaluate the level of conectivity, your connection preferences (skype, Google Hangout etc.) and if you want to try more and new exciting tools, I will choose some online apps and collaborative platforms to ensure that you will take the best of our sessions!


Total Price: 500€*

*Tax not included

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