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Training is essential to ensure a good knowledge foundation. A practical and experiential approach is a must in order to learn and integrate new knowledge, competencies and abilities.



                     Reflection                Learning                   Action


My approach: experiential training; I mean, a training that allows participants to experiment, test, share with the rest their opinions, creating and prototyping models, defining action plans to implement what they learn.

Presential Training courses and workshops as well as online courses provided through E-learning platforms should promote a learning at individual and group level. Therefore, dynamics, exercises, peer evaluations, presentations to the audience etc., are selected and designed for each course.

As teacher, facilitator and teamleader, there is always a question that we ask ourselves: which is the impact of the investment done with my team?

Identifying impact indicators, how we are going to measure the expected results and the individual follow-up system proposed after the training are key aspects considered in the training projects.

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn”

(Benjamin Franklin)


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