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Team Coaching allows creating, developing, managing the talent and empowering a learning environment and continuous improvement spirit.



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Coaching the Teams is a very specialized type of service that requires a lot of experience and an excellent command of team dynamics and individual behaviours in order to take the very best of each member and make it visible and useful to get results at team level.

In this service “Team Coaching” we will work together to achieve, as a whole team, a challenging goal.

My methodology has been developed under a combination of technics, tools, exercises from Psychology, Sport Psychology, Systemic Coaching, facilitation and mediation methodologies put in practice in international environment, multicultural and multilingual teams, presential and virtual teams.

In several projects, Team Coaching sessions have been complemented with “One to One” to train on succesful skills for leaders (leadership, communication and motivational skills, negotiation and conflict management, strategic thinking …)

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“Coming together is a begining.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.”


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In order to design a taylor-made program for your team, I suggest you to take into account the following aspects:

  • Type of Goal/s that the team needs to work together  (i.e creating new products/services, improving sales results, better climate reducing personal conflicts, innovation, talent identification, continuous improvement culture, quality and learning spirit etc.)
  • Follow up methodology: presential and/or virtual support using collaborative platforms to work on action plans.
  • Duration: although it depends on the goal, teams usually needs 3-6 months minimum to ensure a truly change and sustainability.
  • Time and available spaces

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All my services are available in Spanish and English


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