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Positioning, a pioneering service developed by Escoaching, enables you to work on multiple aspects using a combination of techniques and exercises to expand your professional and personal projection.

Do you need to prepare a successful presentation?

Do you need to become a lecturer or make an amazing speech?

Do you need to prepare your arguments and presence for an effective negotiation?

Would you like to work your body language and microexpressions to improve your leadership?

Do you want to get the job? Do you want to feel confidence during the interview?


I’m interested

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place.

But far more difficult still to leave unsaid the wrong thing

at the tempting moment.”

(Benjamin Franklin)

See examples “Positioning”

Sometimes it is difficult to identify what may be failing in presentations, negotiations or trainings. Knowing exactly what can be improved when transmitting, connecting or convince is not easy.

For that reason, as added value, I offer my clients the opportunity to accompany them in the real environment. It is what I call “Accompaniment in situ” with the aim of observing, giving feedback based on real situations.

This service, “Positioning” is is the most integral service. A combination of tools, technics and counselling specially designed for you. We will work together on the following aspects:




Voice and body language

Personal Look


Key messages – “Elevator Pitch”

Emotional Control under stressful situations

Audiovisual tools to prepare efficient presentations



All services are available in Spanish and English


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