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“Duo” Coaching

Coaching Duo allows that 2 people, 2 talents, 2 visions work together and get the very best version of themselves.



Goals                    Perspectives/Creativity               Action Plan/Feedback                             


Working in pairs, in “Duo” mode, it is a very specialized type of program.

2 people, 2 talents, 2 visions. One common goal and desired results achieved. Under this baseline, the methodology that I put in practice is based on working on the different perspectives, perceptions, beliefs, experiences, competencies, talents and insights that each member can provide to the common goal.

This service, “Coaching Duo” is suitable in a wide range of situations such as:

  • Business partners: strategy development, plans, products/services.
  • Alliances, negotiations between 2 parts/entities.
  • Team leader – Employee to work on a specific project, giving feedback and ensuring results.
  • Personal Relationships and Coaching Couples
I’m interested

“Two heads think better than one”


Chris Frith from  Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at del University College London (UCL, Reino Unido), adjoint teacher «Niels Bohr» in the project Interacting Minds at Aarhus University  (Denmark) and his colleagues, they made a research about the ability of 2 people to combine the sensory information.

Their results indicate that humans have a special talent for combining sensory information from different sources and make decisions much more solid than those obtained from a single source. According to the experiment, joint decisions are much more successful than those made by the person “most qualified”. In summary, two heads think better than one.

In order to design your Taylor-Made Coaching Duo program, I strongly suggest you consider the following aspects:


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