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“One to One” Coaching


Coaching is a great methodology to promote professional and personal development.



Goals                    Values             Action Plan/Results                             



In ESCOACHING we are specialized in in coaching processes that allows empowering key competencies at professional and personal level.

With your Coach, in this service “One on One“, you will work individually on achieving your goal/s. But, what kind of goals we are talking about?


There are many different types of goals:

  • Professional goals (i.e preparing job interviews, team leadership, managing conflicts, how to make effective presentations in front of an audience etc.)
  • Goals related to your personal life (i.e Couples, children care, habits, time management, stress management etc.)
  • Sport goals (i.e mental preparedness for high-performance, diets, managing frustration, managing win-lose balance etc.)
  • Even, there are goals related to artistic talent development and creative thinking to find innovative solutions


I’m interested

“Small steps, Big changes”


See examples Coaching “One to one”


To design your Coaching Program, we suggest to take into consideration the following aspects:


  • Mode: individual, duo and/or with your team
  • Methodology: presential and/or virtual sessions
  • Goal that you want to achieve and work on during the process
  • Desired results
  • Time and space preferred


All my services are available in Spanish and English

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