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Kung Fu Panda: To have talent, you have to believe in it

Profound teachings are not always in books. Occasionally, as in this case, an animated film recreates a wonderful mentoring session.

In my sessions, when I ask “what are your talents?” on many occasions I found the following answers:

– “Talent?  My talent? There are things that I do well but this is not a “talent”

– “Maybe I have one but several talents? Can we have several?”

 The model that I use allows to explore the talents (yes, yes in plural) that we all have. Some of them have been developed and learned throughout our life and some others, we do not really know how and why we acquired them. However, we are good at it!

The 5 types of talent that you can explore are:

Feasibility: what you have always known to do. You feel that it is innate, you are good at it but you do not know where you learned it!

Ease: the fields that you can do easily. If you get down to it, you get it right and without much effort.

Reproduction: anything that you are able to play more than once and always (or almost always) it is great!

Leisure: fields that you enjoy with and therefore do not require effort. Perhaps you are not Picasso, the Rolling Stones or Woody Allen, You are able to spend hours concentrated on it without realizing it!

Recognition: it is the field/s in which others recognize you. people around say it and express how good you are doing so. Even if you do not think that it was so good and you can do it better, they tell you “you’re fantastic”

I suggest you to use this model and explore your talent. Discovering our talents is the first step to take advantage of everything that we already have in our backpack.


However, as the ancient and wise Master Oogway said in this film …..: to have talent, you have to believe in it.


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