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TALENT GAMING©: an innovative approach

Would you like to discover your talents through play?

That is precisely what the “Talent Gaming” is, a novel technique of learning that we have develop and incorporated in our processes with clients

Accompanying companies, teams and professionals, we are introducing board games to find out what you’re good at (strengths) and what areas and competencies would be necessary to improve (blind areas that you should explore more).

While playing, we learn that winning or losing depends on several competencies such as leadership, strategic vision, management of resources, the ability to negotiate, cooperate or make decisions under stressful situations

Then, we work on extrapolating what happened in the “game world” to the real professional environment in order to learn best practices, to be aware of competencies that should be developed and to generate a fantactic team climate to empower best perfomance rates. It is useful… and also fun!



“TALENT GAMING: Discovering your talents through playing”

Team Coach: Susana Fernández-Casla, Directora ESCOACHING

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