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Entrepreneurial Journey

Modern times need modern solutions. But who has an idea about what to do?

Entrepreneurs have some psychological components that push them to use creativity to look for new things and solutions, although these ideas could be seen as “impossible” or “non-profit” by other people.

In a landmark 2009 Gallup survey, entrepreneurs reported being happier than any other type of worker. In other recent study done by Gallup in 2013 it has been found that  entrepreneurs are slightly more likely than other employed adults to report experiencing enjoyment and learning and doing something interesting each day.

The same intellectual curiosity and energy needed to start and run a business may also drive entrepreneurs to seek out and take advantage of opportunities to learn or do something interesting or exciting on a regular basis. Entrepreneurs also have creative and strategic control of their business and manage their own schedule to execute on their business plan. Thus, they may have more flexibility to pursue interesting and exciting learning opportunities and activities than other workers.

Despite experiencing more stress and worry than other workers, entrepreneurs are still more optimistic about their future. This elevated optimism, combined with communities that foster an entrepreneurial culture, may lead entrepreneurs to take business risks, create jobs, launch new products, and innovate.

If you found yourself saying…

“How can benefit others people life as much as possible?”

“I want to be able to trust who I am working for”

“I am scared but I know that I have to do that”

“If I don’t get venture capital, then I will not be successful”

“I can do it better. I have a good idea to do this”

“I need to make meaning of what I do”

…. Then, I suggest you to watch this video where you will find some testimonials about the entrepreneurial journey, the balance between joys-sorrows and the internal motivators that drive the entrepreneurial behaviour.

Are you ready for this journey? Let’s go!


SHINE: The Entrepreneur’s Journey from Dan McComb on Vimeo.


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