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Why don’t you have a great experience?


In 2015…

Why don’t you have a great experience as you deserve?

Imagine a relaxing stay in the beatiful and historical city of Cádiz (south of Spain), looking to the sea… and  besides, having by your side a proffesional coach to organize yourself and make your plans become true.  Sounds great, don’t you think?


You deserve something special!


Relaxing Stay at Hotel Barceló Cádiz **** + Coaching Session

+ Cultural Activity (optional)



Do you want further information about this special promotion? 

Both, Hotel Barceló Cádiz and ESCOACHING we are pleased to give you all the details and support you the organization of the whole stay in Cádiz.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us! (English speaking)

Hotel Barceló Cádiz: + 34 956 24 26 00

ESCOACHING : / +34 956 057 153 / +34 652 38 49 57


Book a unforgettable stay with us!



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