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Kung Fu Panda: To have talent, you have to believe in it

Profound teachings are not always in books. Occasionally, as in this case, an animated film recreates a wonderful mentoring session.

In my sessions, when I ask “what are your talents?” on many occasions I found the following answers:

– “Talent?  My talent? There are things that I do well but this is not a “talent”

– “Maybe I have one but several talents? Can we have several?”

 The model that I use allows to explore the talents (yes, yes in plural) that we all have. Some of them have been developed and learned throughout our life and some others, we do not really know how and why we acquired them. However, we are good at it!

The 5 types of talent that you can explore are:

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What success means to you? Sugar man!

An amazing story! An interesting reflection on talent and the scope of success.